About Early Years Regional Alliance

Despite evidence on the direct impact that investing in Early Childhood Development has for the well-being of children and the society in general, programmes and services for young children in Europe and Central Asia still receive the lowest investments as compared to other age groups. Moreover, these services are often not accessible to the most disadvantaged children.

In order to tackle this inequality, ISSA, Open Society Foundations, UNICEF and Save the Children International, with the support from the World Bank and the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development, have founded the Early Years Regional Alliance, a forum for improved coordination among development partners in Europe and Central Asia, to join forces and advance the early childhood agenda at the regional and national levels.

The overarching goal of the Alliance is to catalyze a movement in these two regions for convergent, high quality and equitable services to promote the development and well-being of all young children (0-8 years) and their families. It aims at providing key regional players in the field of Early Childhood Education with the opportunities to converge their comparative advantages and advocate for increased access, equity, quality and investment at transnational level.

Through joint efforts and building on the expertise of the members, the Alliance works as:
  • a powerful force to create recognition for the qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion of inclusive early childhood services in European and Central Asian countries
  • a venue for information exchange and dissemination of good practices
  • a means for regional actors to liaise with and to contribute jointly to relevant global initiatives, global networks, and national activities.
The Alliance welcomes interested partners who share the same goals.

Here you can find out more about our Manifesto.