Putting Children First event calls for action to tackle child poverty

Despite important strides in the fight against poverty over the past two decades with nearly 1.1 billion people escaping extreme poverty since 1990, child poverty remains widespread and persistent, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.
From 23-25 October, policymakers, researchers and NGOs will come

Early Childhood Peace Consortium launches brief on early childhood development's role in preventing conflict

Research is quite clear on the fact that investing in early childhood development (ECD) brings high returns on investment. A recent brief from Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC), shows that it can also prevent conflict and sustain peace. The brief shows the societal risks, such as toxic stress and malnutrition, result from a lack of ECD services. It also highlights how ECD services help societies avoid conflict situations. 

The first ever EU policy framework on the protection of all children in the context of migration introduced

This Communication, released April 12, 2017, was developed by DG HOME and JUST. The framework underlines the need for an integrated response that brings together child protection/child rights and asylum/migration policies. The text recognizes the urgent need for action by the European Commission and Member States. Actions are set out as part of a comprehensive approach to the protection of all migrant children. Some actions included in this Communication
include data, funding, training and monitoring. 

EYRA Manifesto

The partners of the Early Years Regional Alliance share a common vision: a society in which Early Childhood Education and Care stands at the core of its development, where children are prioritized, respected and encouraged.


A fair chance for every child

UNICEF's flagship report The State of the World's Children 2016: A fair chance for every child argues that we have a clear choice to make: Invest in accelerated progress for the children being left behind, or face the consequences of a far more divided and unfair world by 2030.

An equitable approach– one that invests in the most disadvantaged children – is the best way to offer a fair chance for every child.

Integrated approach to combating poverty and social exclusion

This digital booklet outlines the very best practices from EU Member States of Integrated approaches to combating poverty and social exclusion. While some of these practices are not directly related to early childhood, many of them are and they offer great insight into effective ways to prevent and identify child poverty and an example from Bulgaria on a social inclusion project - An integrated approach to early childhood development.

New Parenting Resources from EYRA

Under the Partnership Project with UNICEF, International Step By Step Association has developed a rich database of Parenting Resources. These files (downloadable below) recommend articles, websites and training ideas intended to support strong and positive relationships between parents and young children; we expect that they will also support and stimulate a confident home-learning environment.

We hope you find these ideas useful, please read, download and share them freely.